The social app that is a perfect combination of fun, tech and science that helps you become the happiestversion of yourself.


Data suggests that the current social apps have negative impact on general happiness!

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A social app based on science of well-being that its main priority is to make you a happier person by pushing you to do more activities in real world instead of wasting time online.

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Science of Well-Being

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Passive -> Active

Imagine a "Plan" button on your social feed instead of Like or Save button, so when you see a place you like, instantly add it to your plans (Calendar), chat about it with friends and make it happen.


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Measure Happiness, just like Fitbit measures steps

What if we could set our happiness goals, like our daily walking goals? Happiem helps you choose the things and places you like, plan for them and make them happen and by achieving those goals, increase your happiness score.

Fun + purpose = Happiness

Fun by itself, is just fun, but Happiem methodology that is derived from positive psychology, gives it a purpose and convert it to a meaningful happiness that lasts longer. 

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Make happiness your priority

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You make the Future

Do you want the same trend of the right side to keep going, or you want to change it forever?

Behind the Scene

Mehran Java

Founder & CEO

Mehran is a problem-solver engineer who has been monitoring the negative impacts of social  media apps since 2017 and consistently looking for a way to fix that problem. He studied science of well-being to have that as the starting point of the solution and helped him create the methodology of Happiem. 


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